MERLIN - the Spellbinding Panto


Play Readings

The play that we'll be reading in the Baskerville on 1st April is 'Party', by Tom Basden.

It is a very funny yarn which takes the form of a meeting of a group of 'young idealists' who have set up their own political party to change the world to a 'better place'.

On the agenda are such things as 'What do we call ourselves?', 'What are we worried about?', 'Which countries do we disapprove of?', 'When are we having some cake?', 'Let's elect a leader', 'How do we elect a leader?', etc.

There are six characters, 4M & 2F, although the M & F aspect doesn't really matter until there's a bit of squabble about a chap's attitude to women.

Hope to see you there!

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held on 10th April at the Shoulder of Mutton, Playhatch. Further details can be found here. All are welcome. After the short formal proceedings we will have a general review of activities and a discussion of future events.